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Excursion2India – as the name suggests – takes you on tours to places within India. Since we consider Nepal and Bhutan our own from the bottom of our heart, we have decided to extend our services to these beautiful countries also.

Excursion2India belongs to the family of Apass India Leisure Solutions Pvt. Ltd – the parent company, which has been into resort (Estuarine Village Resort, Bhitarkanika) and responsible tour and travel business for almost a decade now.

More and more people are looking forward to travel these days in India. India has also been becoming a favourite destination for more and more foreign travelers. Our services are for both these kinds of people.

We believe and know by our experience habits of no two tourists are same. It is difficult to manage choices of people within families, let aside big groups where people with different choices come together. We are, therefore, focused on organizing completely personalized and customized tours for all our guests.

TajmahalLooking into arranging your tours within India and in Nepal and Bhutan is a team of dedicated people whom we have picked up from different walks of life, and not just travel field – people who understand psyche of different guests and act accordingly. We allow and encourage people to set their hearts free to enjoy every bit of what they are interested in.

Just to keep costs down we do not encourage people with varied interests to come together in a group. This only ruins the mood of all and spoils good tours. But we do understand costs have to be kept within limits of our guests’ means and comforts. Considering all such aspirations of our guests, we have on offer customized and personalized tours to different parts of India, Nepal and Bhutan under four budget heads – Backpackers BudgetMiddle of the Road (or Flashpackers) Budget, Premium Budget and Luxury Budget.Bandipur

Transparency is the key to confidence building. We have made transparency our central focus in all our ventures – be it resort or travel business. Sometimes this has resulted in losing some of our business as we decided not to lie even a bit. Pains inflicted upon us by losing probable guests have been more than compensated by getting more satisfied and more number of guests who respect our transparent behavior. We take pride in saying whoever came and used our services once has stuck with us.

We have mentioned suggested itineraries under different heads – Beaches & Islands, Hills & Valleys, Cultural Tours, and Forests & JodhpurWildlife. These itineraries are just to help you make up your mind. You can choose one of these, but also customize these to suit your choices. We also encourage our guests to conceive of their own itineraries. We will help you organize your own itineraries, preferably also within your budget. Feel free to seek our help in making your own itineraries.

At Excursion2India, everything is planned for you – right from tour and travel arrangements to your safety and security. The only thing left to you is enjoyment. We are always in touch with you all through the tour. Enjoy yourself and with others and keep coming back to us for program after program!!

We will keep on increasing destinations over a period of time.

Happy travels!

Excursion2India Team